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With our expert staff who have been doing this job professionally for many years, we meet all your needs on your ships without any problems and at the most affordable prices.

Repair, maintenance and annual inspection of ship security equipment are among the services we offer to you.

Ship chandler China provide repair and maintenance of electrical and electronic products, as well as spare parts and consumables that they may need.

Ship chandler China also supply the paints used on ships and the thinners and mixers of these paints in line with your needs.

Apart from these, many products that we cannot think of and parts and spare parts for these products are offered to your service in the fastest and most economical way in line with your needs.

By contacting us, you can easily obtain all the materials you need and ensure a smooth sailing for your ships.

Deck Machinery

• Deck Fitting
• Mooring Equipment
• Container Securing & Lashing Part
• Marine Fitting
• Anchor & Anchor Chain
• Rubber Product
• Engine service of maintenance (Pneumatic Maneuvering System, Alpha lubricator service, Bearing Shells inspection, fuel pump service and timing system inspection)
• Turbocharger/Governor Overhaul or repair (ABB, MAN, MET, WOODWARD, ZEXEL, SAM)
• Engine Parts Recondition (Piston assembly, Cylinder Cover, Valve Spindle, Valve Seat etc)
• Electronics (Engine rewind, Switchboard maintenance, Tank measuring system, Air condition & refrigerator, Alarm system service)
• Deck Machinery & Hydraulic SYstem Service (Cargo Crane, Morning Winch, Steering Gear)
• Navigation equipment service & repair

For many years of services in shipping related business, our company – Ship chandler China has provided top-quality products and efficient delivery system to our clients, including paint & paint equipment.

As one of the largest marine service companies in China, we can supply all major international brand marine paint, such as Jotun, International paint, Sigma, Hempel and Chugoku, as well as Chinese brand – Kailin, Yutong and Fengdi. Furthermore, we could also provide paint equipment from either Graco or alternative Chinese products with competitive prices.

Trough our well-built network at all major ports and shipyards, we could provide you around the clock delivery services for any kinds